Bug Report Guidelines

Here you can report script errors.

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Rules & Guidelines - Bug Reports

This forum section serves the purpose of allowing players to report bugs in the server script. Bugs include unexpected behavior, lost account data, typos and more. This section is not the place to discuss anything other than bugs. Suggestions should be placed in the suggestions board.

To help us understand the issue you are reporting and fix it as soon as we can, we need the following information:

Some of the things we may need to know include:
- Your in-game name
- What happened? Please give as many details as you can. Even if you think it's irrelevant it might be just the piece of information we need to pin point the issue.
- Where were you?
- What were you doing?
- Did you have some sort of special circumstances happening at the time?
- Is this a reoccurring issue? Has it happened to you or others before?
- Please provide steps for us to reproduce the issue ourselves, if possible.
- Images and videos help a LOT. Press F8 in-game to take a screenshot and upload it here for us to see the issue for ourselves. Please crop/resize large images.
- Date and time of incident if known

However, bugs that are clearly exploitable (Duplicating items or anything that provides an ADVANTAGE to the player should be reported to any staff member in game or on the forums via private message.

These may not all be relevant to the issue you are reporting. Please just try to include as many details as you can that are relevant. If we need to know more we will ask.

Please do not copy the above list into your post. They are guidelines. This is not a ‘form’. Write your post as normal but include the above information when relevant only.

Once your bug report has been posted, testers and developers will review them, investigate them, and then update the topic with our findings and plans. The bug report topic will be moved to a relevant sub-forum such as 'Confirmed' or 'Fixed'. Users can discuss bugs with each other if so chosen. Other people may be able to provide further details or images for example.

If your bug report is valid, we may reward you with an chosen ingame item as a sign of gratitude.

The bug's existence has been confirmed. It has been logged and will be investigated then fixed.

The issue has been fixed. The fix will not be on the public server until the next update.

Either the bug is not a valid bug, we cannot replicate it or there was not enough information given.