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Are you banned? And want to get unbanned, post here. Follow the format!

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Rules & Guidelines - Ban Appeals

If you were UNFAIRLY/WRONGFULLY banned on the server you can appeal it here. You may ONLY submit an appeal if your ban was unfair, for example you were banned by an administrator because he was angry that you killed him or if you were wrongly banned by the anticheat system. In this case, we will investigate the situation and take the appropriate action. Please do not submit an appeal because you are guilty and 'sorry'. Valid bans are final and will not be lifted.

NOTE: If you see a message in the SA-MP chat stating 'You are banned from this server.' and nothing else on-screen, this is a bug and you should attempt to reconnect. Server ban information will be displayed center-screen in a dialogue box.

To submit an appeal, you must supply the following information:

- In-game name
- Explanation: Why were you banned? What happened?
- Evidence: Provide evidence where possible/applicable that you are innocent.
- Ban message: Show the message that shows your ban or infraction details.

Relevant title
Please use a relevant title for your topic, not ‘My appeal’ or 'Please unban me'. Include your name and/or what happened. This will not affect your appeal outcome, however it is desirable that you do this.

Examples of relevant titles:
EG- You were banned by Ronny for DMing.
[ADMIN NAME] - Your_Name - Reason stated on ban.
[RONNY] - Roy_Nash - DMing

Your plea should explain what happened and why you think the ban or infraction was unfair.

If evidence would help your case, please include it. For example, images of an admin banning you after you told them to 'shut up' or something that didn't warrant a ban.

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[b]Your in-game name[/b]
[b]Ban or infraction appeal?[/b]
[b]Date and time of ban/infraction including timezone:[/b]
[b]Ban/infraction reason and details[/b]
[b]Why was this ban/infraction wrongfully issued?[/b]
[b]What was the situation which lead to this wrongful ban/infraction? What was happening?[/b]
[b]Any witnesses that can vouch for you?[/b]
[b]Any more information to provide?[/b]