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Rules & Guidelines - Forums

  • 1) No foreign languages on the main threads
You may use foreign languages in their designated threads OR in private messages.
  • 2) No insulting
  • This includes discrimination of other members based on their religious or political beliefs as well as discrimination of other members' sexual orientation or ethnic origin.
  • If you are found flaming or discriminating other members, you may be punished according to the extend of your discriminatory behavior. Punishment varies and will be judged by the attending moderator or administrator.
  • This includes signatures and avatars that could be offensive towards someone in particular, cultures or religions.
  • 3) No spamming
Avoid posting in threads just to raise your point count and gain activity.
  • 4) No 18+ content
Anything that is unsuitable for a minor is prohibited on the forums.
  • 5) Do not encourage rulebreaking
Encouraging players to break our official rules will get your suspended for twice the punishment if a players is caught breaking a rule you encouraged them to break.

Encouraging other players to break rules in-game may also lead to in-game sanctions on your account.
  • 6) No sharing/editing a member's real life information/pictures without permissions
  • You are not permitted to edit a member's pictures and repost them in order to embarrass the individual without consent from the picture owner. Even if the owner posted a thread with their pictures.
  • You are not permitted to share a member's real life information, this includes social media accounts and usernames on instant messaging platforms.
  • Show general courtesy and be polite when it comes to real life information and lives. Not everyone wants a fictional game and their real life to be mixed up.
  • 7) No racism or discrimination
  • 8) Posting copyrighted material (You can post if you own it or have the permission to post it from the owner)
Unless you have permission from the material owner or you are the owner of the material, you must not post such on the forums.